Acumen7-Polysomnograph with ECG

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Acumen7-Polysomnograph with ECG

Brand: Curative
Model: acumen 7

  • Acumen 7 is an asleep diagnostic device specifically designed for use in the home away from clinical environments.
  • Up to 100 hours of appropriate physiological information can be recorded over up to 8 channels by the Acumen 7.
  • Linked to its dedicated software, it offers instruments for displaying and analyzing recorded information and reporting for diagnosing respiratory sleep illnesses.
  • The design of Acumen 7 ensures that the device is compact, light and comfortable to use.
  • Technical specifications enable the medical team to diagnose the primary respiratory sleep disorders of the patient efficiently.
  • Here is a tool particularly intended for it, which is Acumen 7, if you want a clinical atmosphere away from home.
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Acumen7-Polysomnograph with ECG


Friendly performance: Acumen 7 is capable of recording up to 8 channels over 100 hours of bearing on its physical information. It has its own dedicated software for capturing, displaying and providing needed recorded information and reporting to detect respiratory sleep disorders.

User-friendly: It is the design made up of which is not heavy and can be used without any constraint.

Effectively helpful: With its fast report on patient respiratory sleep disorders, Acumen 7 delivers the best outcome for the medical team and offers the highest performance for the technical manner.



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