Desktop Electric Centrifuge 80-2 for Laboratory

৳ 10,995


Power supply110v 60Hz
Power rate40W
centrifugal capacity20 ml x12
relative centrifugal force 1450 xg
timing range1-120 min
Length of power line60 inches
Maximum speed4000r/min

Top Features

  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Clear control panel.
  • Low noise.
  • Lightweight.
  • Large capacity.
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Desktop Electric Centrifuge 80-2 for Laboratory


Centrifuge 80-2, table model, powered by electricity Description of the product: The standard laboratory to utilize the centrifuge is the table model electrically driven centrifuge 80-2, which is commonly used in scientific research educations and production departments, such as biology, chemistry, and medicine. The highest rotational speed of the low-speed table model centrifuge is 4000 R/MIN, making it suited for emission immunity testing, separation cells, and large particles. It comes in two types: fixed time and non-fixed time.

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