ECG Gel Parker Spectra-360

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  • The formula of the Non-gritty STAY-WET® allows for sustained
    Utilization without re-application
  • Option product for ECG, TENS, tracking
  • Pediatrics and
  • Bacteriostatic, Non-Irritating
  • Salt-free, no movement of sodium ions
  • Product of choice for rubber/carbon conductive electrodes
  • For defibrillation, not recommended
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ECG Gel Parker Spectra-360


The only electrically conductive gel that is salt-free and chloride-free is recommended for all electromedical procedures, except defibrillation. Salt-free features make it ideal for long-term applications in particular. Spectra 360 varies substantially from all other electrically conductive media; it operates by wetting the skin, decreasing resistance to the skin.



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