REVEALA 12 Channel Holter Machine

12 Channel Digital Holter with keyboard

Instrument Type12 channel solid state Holter.
AcquisitionSimultaneous acquisition of leads.
Recording time24 Hrs. max, continuous non-stop.
IndicationsBattery Low (audio visual)Leads off (audio /visual)Memory full (visual)Recording status (visual)Event mark (audio
Host interfaceUSB interface
Storage media typein-built SD card
Power requirement:Powered by (1.5v) alkaline batteries 2 AA size (3ch.), 2
AA size (12ch.)
Country OriginIndia
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12 channel Digital Holter Machine

The 12 channel solid state Digital Holter system records and enables the classification, analysis, examination, and reporting of electrocardiographic, arrhythmic disorders.


Dimensions: 525 gms.

L 108 X B 69 X H 41 mm.

1.Store 24-hour ECG data on 12 channels.

2.Dissemination of 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.

3. Automatically or manually selecting the normal beat. Reversing the polarity of selected channels.

4. View the electrocardiogram data of all beat channels in the selected template.

5. Facility to edit individual beat type arrhythmia.

6. Look at HR trends, detected arrhythmias, all channels ST level.

7.Facilities for viewing maximum HR and minimum HR,

8.longest break, longest V-Tach, longest SV Tach, longest ST episode,

9.0maximum delta ST. 8 sec, 1 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, and 60 min.

10. View media throughout the whole test and edit fiduciary points.

11. View the selected event’s ECG data.

12.Facility for viewing and printing HR report variability.

13. Reanalyze your test.



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