WNQ Recumbent Bike 7318WB

৳ 42,000

WNQ Recumbent Bike 7318WB


7318WB  Recumbent Bike – Silver and Black

  • Intelligent large window
  • Humanism design, with 17 running program
  • Convenient resistance adjustment
  • Handhold heart rate test sense
  • External power supply
  • More relaxed and safe
  • Glide-style seat
  • Front moving wheel setting, it can be easily removed

WNQ 7318WB Semi Commercial Recumbent Bike has intelligent large window computer displaying workout, exercise program to help you select the exercise way suitable for you.

Humanism design, with 17 running program: one heart rate test program, 1 manual adjusting program, 6 preset program 1 fast test program, 4 heart-rate value control program, 4 customer-made program.
Convenient resistance adjustment: adopt flexible elextronic control motor to adjust the magnet-resistance system, with inner magnetism wheel.


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