Yuwell Hijama Cupping Set 24pcs

৳ 6,200

Cupping Set


Integrated with traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, this Vacuum Cupping Package is a novel and outstanding product for clinical treatment and self-health care in the home. The process is convenient, safe, and efficient. In service, burning easily, no protection, restricted treatment sites, and limited scope of applications, and changing the dissipating air by fire to air exhaust by vacuum, the product casts away such drawbacks of ancient cupping therapy as an inconvenience. Enabling local congestion to be caused by the cupping system sucked on the body’s surface acupoints, which can facilitate free passage in human channels and collaterals, eradicate wind-evil, and wetness-evil, expel cold-evil, extract toxins and improve the human body.

The role of this vacuum cupping package is:

  • Encouraging blood circulation and the regeneration of tissues
  • Reducing swelling and pain relief
  • Wind Dispelling & Cold Dispersing
  • Joints smoothing
  • Coordinating critical resources and blood functions
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