ADAM Modular OT System (Italy)

ADAM Modular OT (Italy)

SALUS Modular OT System Specifications

Modular operating theaters system consisting of a metal substructure covered in various materials by panels).

composition of Substructure

  • Galvanized steel uprights, dark. 60×30 mm, adjustable feet thickness 2 mm.
  • Horizontal galvanized steel spacers or bars.
  • 1 mm sheet of galvanized steel floor and ceiling rail.
  • Vertical and horizontal structures provided with buttonholes to allow the passage of cables and pipelines.
  • Special cell-closed neoprene soft gaskets on all structural elements to firmly seal the frame with the panels.
  • A PVC perimeter profile enables a flush connection between the wall and the floor-45 mm radius.

ADAM has developed a specific system that combines all the characteristics of a modular OR design: the SALUS system. It is designed to meet the highest cleanliness standards for sterilized areas. It includes a modular metal frame that can be placed inside all the necessary utilities, an external cladding made of various materials: glass, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, SMS and HPL. Ceiling, led lights and automatic sliding doors complete the Salus system.

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