LEWIN LW 700 Operation Medical Lamp

৳ 210,000

Operation Medical Lamp
Brand: LEWIN
Model:LW 700

Product Description
CE Approved
The ideal illumination

LEWIN series Operating shadowless lamps can be widely used in a wide range of applications to meet the needs of the illumination, CAD / CAM overall optical reflection system and multi-revolving surface reflector of more than 4000 mirrors, its illuminating depth is up to 600 mm, the lamp could achieve a center illumination of 80000-160000lux, it is the perfect illumination tool for contemporary operation.
Excellent cold light effect
Advanced Irsorb filter is capable of absorbing 99.6 percent of infrared and 99.8 percent of ultraviolet, and a unique design for heat transfer, an outstanding cold-light impact.
Good color temperature control
The color reversal is uplifted by the use of color temperature compensation technology and is more appropriate for illuminating complicated surgery such as encephalon surgery and thorax surgery.
Convenient in use

Product Feature

  • CE & ISO Certified
  • Good Quality
  • Professional manufacturer since 1996
  • Reliable quality, affordable price, sound service
  • OEM&ODM accessible
  • Excellent cold-light effect
  • Excellent lighting depth
  • Digital micro-computer control
  • Streamline lamp body
  • Halogen bulb
  • Imported hanging arms
  • Advanced IRsorb filter
  • Special thermal transfer design.
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