Autoclave Portable Steam Sterilizer- 12″x15″ Electric Made In Bangladesh

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Autoclave Portable Steam Sterilizer- 10”x12” Electric


To rapidly and effectively sterilize articles, the product uses saturated steam. It can be used for sterilizing medical instruments, surgical dressings, glass utensils, solutions, substrates in hospitals, diagnostics, public health centers, health stations, clinics in factories and mines, scientific research institutes, etc. It can also be used in plateau regions as a cooker and can be used in industrial and mining enterprises to provide high-quality drinking water. It also has hundreds of other applications.

  • Safe to use
  • Scale 12″x15″
  • Utilizable Double Drum
  • Accurate composition Accurate composition
  • Environment-friendly
  • Produced Local
  • Photo For Sample (not original)

Note: This Autoclave Price Without Drum

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Autoclave Portable Steam Sterilizer- 12″x15″ Electric


  • Effective electro-thermal tube immersion enables a quick, fast clean cycle (Most instruments can be sterilized in 10 minutes!)
  • The medium capacity of 12″x15″
  • Megabar and Gauge of Temperature (Maxes out at about 265 Fahrenheit and .165MPa)
  • Up to 0.16 MPa rated working pressure (Max safe pressure-0.165 MPa)
  • Tension, 210v 60hz

How To Use

  • Pour in 3.5 liters of water and be ready for use in the container. Since sterilization will consume some amount of water, before using again, add water to the rated amount~ otherwise, the electro-thermal tube will be damaged due to water scarcity.
  • Put the items to be sterilized in the sterilizing drum on the sieve pad, properly wrapped up, leaving some space between the items in order to enable the steam to penetrate, thus guaranteeing sterilizing efficiency.
  • Place the sterilizing drum in the jar and then, in the sterilizing drum, insert the hose (on the lid) into the half-round slot. Having the lid and ear slot alignment on the jar and tightening the handle uniformly to deliver
  • Plug the power into your machine. This indicates the beginning of heating, and the air release valve should be opened at this time to let out cool air. Close the valve as the steam jets out from the air-releasing valve. The pressure gauge pointer will show the sterilizer’s steam pressure.
  • As steam pressure exceeds the appropriate sterilization pressure, the requisite sterilization period begins to be taken into account. As the steam pressure increases to 0.14MPa, the safety valve automatically begins to work so that the constant pressure is maintained. If you need to sterilize the pressure below 0.14MPa, you can manually regulate the power switch on or off to maintain steady pressure when the pressure exceeds that.


Made In Bangladesh

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