Baby Crib Made in China

৳ 35,000

Baby Crib Made in China

product description

  • Height is adjustable by gas spring, easy for mother and baby to interact.
  • Aluminum alloy column, transparent and hi-intensity baby basin, make the appearance of the whole cart to be beautiful, decent, and practical.
  • Trendelenburg/rev.
  • Trendelenburg angle:0~10°
  • hi-low:980~780mm
  • product size: 890*520*815~986mm
  • Net Weight: 21Kg
  • Load Bearing: 25Kg

Three color options

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Baby Crib Made in China

method of application
1. product lifting function Press the hand on the lifting and fixing plate, and pinch the lifting and lowering switch with the finger. the lifting and lowering height are 770-940mm.
2. baby basin left and right tilt function when holding the tilt switch by hand, the baby basin can be tilted by lifting or pressing down. when releasing the tilt switch by hand, it can be locked at any angle within the set angle range.
3. use the foot brake if you want to break the two diagonal casters brake pads step down, you can position, brake firmly.


Made in Chinas

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