Baby Incubator Machine

Baby Incubator Machine

Brand: Heal Force
Model: YSK-5GB

Computer-controlled skin temperature box · Display temperature setting, box temperature setting, skin temperature setting mode · High-temperature setting mode · Noise inside less than 60dB · Temperature fluctuation within a range of less than 0.5DEGC, bed temperature setting error < 1.5C Heating time (increased by11°C)≤45min

  • Self-test alarm and acousto-optic prompt of over-heating, deviate, circulation sensor, power outage
  • The integral aluminum tank can be taken out for cleaning and disinfection
  • Protection railing
  • Optional blue-ray therapeutic apparatus special jaundice phototherapy lamp imported from Germany
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Baby Incubator Machine

By means of an advanced thermoregulation system, we have designed an environmentally suitable condition for neonate patients and the ability to control heat and noise, and so on, providing comfortable, easy to use caregivers. The temperature setting, the air temperature monitored and the baby’s skin temperature and heating power are distinguished in the display  > 37 ° C override temperature function. Self-checking function for safety affirmative. Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities. Chord alarm notes nurse below 8 m but leaves the baby uninterrupted. Aluminum frame for constant temperature maintenance Continuous adjustment of the inclination of the mattress up to 10o. Water reservoir type Drawer is easily removable for cleaning and disinfection. Natural air circulation system. Protective cabinet type Drawer. RS-232 Connector.


Heal Force

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