Baby Incubator YXK-5GB

Baby Incubator YXK-5GB

Product NameBaby warmer
Model NO.Yxk-5GB
Power Standard220V/50Hz
Power Consumption<450va
Environment Temperature20-30o C
Temperature Display Range25-45o C
Temperature Control Range25-37o C
The Control Range of The Skin Temperatur25-37o C
Temperature Fluctuation Range<0.5 O C
Bed Surface Temperature Error<1.5o C
Humidity Display Range0-90%Rh
Humidity Display Accuracy -10%Rh
Transport PackageStandard Export Packing Box
SpecificationCE ISO
Power standard220V/50Hz
Power Consumption≤320VA
Environment Temperature20-30º C
Temperature display range25-45º C
Temperature control range25-37º C
The control range of the skin temperature25-37º C
>37º C High-temperature control range37.1-39º C
Temperature fluctuation range<0.5 º C
Bed surface temperature Error<1.5º C
Humidity display range
Humidity display accuracy
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Baby Incubator YXK-5GB

Product Description:

Via advanced thermoregulation technology, and the ability to control heat and sound, and so on, we have built an environment ideal for neonate patients to provide convenient, easy-to-use caregivers. Microprocessor servo-controller ensures accurate and effective temperature control Temperature setting, air temperature monitoring and baby skin temperature and heating capacity are shown.

  • 37oC override temperature function
  • Self-checking feature for protection affirmative
  • Audible and clear warning warnings for multiple failures with 3 priorities
  • Nurse chord alarm notes longer than 8 meters, but keeps baby asleep uninterrupted
  • Aluminum frame for continuous temperature maintenance
  • Constant adjustment of mattress inclination up to 10o
  • The water reservoir style drawer is simple to use.


Not only can the YXK-5 GB system provide a stable environment by servo-controlled temperature, but it can also have a handy cabinet for other external equipment or the material of the neonate.Widespread applicability in all hospitals and clinics and preparation of premature births or some full-term sick babies.

Optional Accessories:
  • X-ray tape
  • Side window, front-rear door
  • Moisture screen and controller
  • Double-wall hood
  • Adjustable vertical height
  • Infant phototherapy unit (LED or OSRAM tubes).


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