BioLite E70 Digital 12-Channel ECG Machine

BioLite E70 Digital 12-Channel ECG Machine


The electrocardiograph can store 100 groups of ECG data in XML format with an optional SD card or U disk memory space in automatic background processing mode. Data reports as a thermal dot array with a horizontal and vertical resolution of 40 dots / mm, 8 dots / mm, 5 mm / s, 6.25 mm / s, 10 mm / s, 12.5 mm / s, 25 mm / s, 50 mm / s with a deviation of ±3 percent and a linearity of 0.5 mm/30M.

The reel Thermo and sensitive thermo-sensitive printing paper enables 295mm/280 mm long and 210mm/216 mm wide paper to be printed in data. The computer measures 400x330x146 mm weighs approximately 6Kgs and displays 8.0 “color TFT LCD with 800* 600 pixels.

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BioLite E70 Digital 12-Channel ECG Machine

Product Description:

  • Touch screen, more intuitive display
  • 8 inch LCD color, 12 waveforms display synchronously
  • QWERTY keyboard design, multi-function shortcut key, easy to use.
Data Saving:
  • Save internal data
  • Save high-capacity data via SD card
  • Save data via U dish
  • Support data transfer, review and re-analysis improved.
  • Adapt Digital Innovation Filters for better performance
  • Fast-speed baseline correction algorithm quickly stabilize baseline
  • Adapt 24-bit high-precision data storage to ensure accuracy of follow-up data analysis
  • Synchronization analysis for 12 lead waveforms, supporting report preview and report format adjustment.
Function Upgrading:
  • Automatic calculation and analysis approved by CSE registry
  • Rhythm monitor synchronous display of multi-channel data
  • Support Pre-sampling mode, Rea-time sampling mode & Trigger sampling mode
  • Automatic energy-saving feature
  • Support folded & reel thermosensitive printing paper sort
  • Automatic positioning function, external printer support
  • Protected defibrillation & Pacemaker.



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