CHEM-7 Laboratory Equipment Digital Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

CHEM-7 Laboratory Equipment Digital Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Instrument NameBiochemistry Analyzer
ModelChem 7
Usage/ApplicationBio-Chemistry, Clinical Chemistry
ParametersAround 100
Operation ModeSemi-Automatic
User InputKeypad
Power Supply220v
Minimum Order Quantity1


Product Description:

Erba Chem 7 Bio-Chemistry Semi Auto Analyser The Erba Chem 7 is a lightweight, next-generation clinical chemistry analyzer that is suitable for reliable and accurate testing in small to medium-sized laboratories.

  • Open platform with 10 analytical modes and 200 programmable test capacities
  • Can be used for first-hand hormone screening & coagulation analysis
  • Special triple cuvette facility
  • 56 direct access keys for quicker operation
  • External dry block incubator & portable battery pack
  • Low reagent consumption
  • QC tracking
  • Direct printer/keyboard communication
  • Reaction C interactive display.
  • Silicone Photodiode Detectors
  • Photometric scale from 0 to 2.5 OD
  • Quartz Halogen Lamp 12V, 20W Measuring Modules
  • Special Triple Cuvette System
  • 6 mm Adapter Round Glass Tube
  • Peltier Temperature Control: 25 ° C, 30 ° C, 37 ° C and off
  • Peristaltic Pump
  • Maximum Suction Pressure 200 u.1 Test Modes Various Calibration Modes
  • 1-point blank linear test
  • 1-point blank sample.



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