Desktop Rechargeable Streak Retinoscope YZ24 Halogen Bulb

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Refraction deflection and astigmatism axis are measured with a special device. The fundus images observed are crisp and upward. The well-placed filament can be turned 360 degrees and moved up and down. The streak’s brightness can be changed. Measure the astigmatism axis quickly and precisely. Light can be converged, radiated, and paralleled in many ways. The bulb is properly protected by automatic turning off. S(Bright).W(Way).W(Way).W(Way).W(Way).W(Wa (Dark).

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1 meter working distance Streak Adjustable Range: 0.2mm0.4mm 360° Streak Rotation Source of illumination: 3V/2.1W incandescent bulb AC 110/120V/220/240V, 50/60Hz power supply


Made in China

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