Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, A&D, UA-611

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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, A&D, UA-611

Features :

Since our founding in 1977, A&D has been a prominent provider of medical devices for both home healthcare and healthcare professionals around the world.

Many of the features developed by A&D for professional clinical use are included in the UA-611.

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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, A&D, UA-611

Product description:

The monitor benefits from exceptionally accurate Oscillometric BP measurement, initially developed and patented by A&D in 1984, and is a definite step towards a healthier living.

It also has A&D’s IHB (Irregular Heart Beat)/Circadian Rhythm analysis technology, which was first introduced in 2001 and is now available on all of our blood pressure monitors. This ground-breaking A&D technology is currently in use all over the world, assisting in the opportunistic identification of arrhythmias like Afib (or Atrial Fibrillation).

The device also incorporates A&D’s latest third-generation technology, with a simple one-button operation and the benefit of automatic fuzzy logic controlled inflation.

The UA-611 comes with a Slim-Fit Cuff (22-32cm) that is latex and metal free, making it more comfortable for the wearer.

If needed, a 31-45 cm Slim-Fit Large cuff (without latex or metal) can be bought separately.

The UA-611 has been clinically certified according to the European Hypertension Society (ESH) recommendations, so users can be confident in their results.

The user can better regulate their management program by using the average value function of the saved data (up to 30 readings) in conjunction with the WHO Blood Pressure categorization indictor.

Because of the UA-611’s high quality, A&D is able to provide a 5-year warranty to its customers (excluding batteries and Cuff).

The UA-611 offers a cutting-edge, cost-effective solution backed by advanced technology and ESH clinical validation.



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