Edan Medical Fetal Monitor F3

৳ 220,000

Edan Medical Fetal Monitor F3


  • Portable and compact (3.5 kg)
  • Screen Foldable Color
  • Built-up memory of 60 hours for seamless monitoring
  • Long-life thermal printer built-in
  • Compatible with thermal 150/152 mm recording paper
  • A wide display of numbers and graphics for easy readability
  • Indicator of FHR signal quality
  • Overlap Signals Verification to separate FHRR twins
  • Quick printing of traces stored
  • The F3 mobility ensures the long life of the Li-ion battery.
  • Supportive PC management applications and central control scheme
  • Convenient rack for probes and compact design
  • The USB port allows expansion of memory
  • Optional parameters of DECG & IUP
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Edan Medical Fetal Monitor F3

As the newest EDAN fetal antepartum monitor model, F3 not only retains EDAN ‘s advanced CTG technologies but also provides fair consumer rates. CTG waveforms will be processed automatically, helping doctors with both ongoing monitoring and outpatient assessments. And, in the event of an unexpected power outage, you do not have to worry about data loss. F3 is exceptionally light and compact with our fast-developing technology, which makes it highly ideal for outpatient use.

Standard Accessories:

  • FHR Probe
  • TOCO Probe 
  • Event Marker
  • Belt x2
  • User Manual Guidance to Fetal Heart Monitoring
  • Insight Software (CD) User Manual
  • Insight Connection Cable



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