Electric Foot Massager Vibration Infrared Heat Leg Spa Relieve Fatigue Machine

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Luyao Foot Massager LY-602

Product NameElectric Foot Massager
 VoltageAC 220V
 Using time15min
 Cable length150cm
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Product Description

Foot Massager

  • Easy to carry handle design
  • Perfect gift for parents, friends or yourself.
  • Rolling velocity change button can adjust the vibration speed to the comfort you like
  • Foot massage, magnetic massage, thermomagnetic physiotherapy
  • Three simultaneous foot physiotherapy, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism.

Four Functions

  • Magnet therapy Use artificial magnet fields to dredge your meridian views and ill cells
  • Vibrating massage Stimulate your foot and encourage blood circulation to relieve your exhausted
  • Heat acupuncture therapy Heat can go deep into your tissue that can kill the ill tissue and reduce inflammation
  • Infrared lay therapy Activate your body’s bio-molecule that encourages physiology

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