ENMIND Dual Channel Syringe Pump EN-S5D

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Product Name Dual-Channel Syringe Pump
Case MaterialPBT PC
Screen 4.3-inch color touch screen
Infusion Mode 2/3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml Syringe types Open system, automatic recognition of syringe sizes after calibration
Flow Rate Range 0.1-2000ml/h (min. increment 0.01ml/h)
 VTBI0-9999.99ml (min. increment 0.01ml)
KVO 0-5ml/h adjustable (min. increment 0.01ml/h)
 Bolus Rate 0.1-2000ml/h (auto & manual bolus available)
Occlusion Level 5 levels adjustable, 50mmHg – 900mmHg
 InterfaceDB15 multi-functional interface
WirelessWifi (optional)
Alarm TypeVTBI near end, Syringe near empty, VTBI infused, Syringe empty, Occlusion, Occlusion pre-alarm, Drop-in pressure, Battery nearly empty, Battery empty, No AC, Disengaged, Reminder alarm, Standby time expired, KVO finished, Drug dose limits exceeded, system error.
TitrationChabge flow rate without stopping infusion
Drug Libraymore than 2000 drugs
PurgeRemove the air bubble
Screen LockAvoid misoperation
Standby ModeStandby time adjustable
Alarm volumeAdjustable
History recordMore than 5000 entries
AC Power100V-240V,50/60Hz, 0.25A-0.10A
External DC Power10-16V
BatteryLithium Polymer battery 2600mAh, single-channel more than 10 hours operating time at 5ml/h, double channel more than 5 hours operating time at 5ml/h
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ENMIND Dual-Channel Syringe Pump EN-S5D


  • Parameter setting and editing directly on the touch screen
  • 7 infusion modes Micro mode Relay mode
  • Alarm volume and brightness adjustable
  • History records more than 5000 entries Flow rate range from 0.1ml/h to 2000ml/h
  • Optional WIFI connection to a central monitor
  • Compact and intuitive design
  • 3-inch color touch screen
  • Support 2ml – 60ml syringes
  • IP44 waterproof



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