Erba Laura Smart Urine Analyzer Compact Urine Strip Reader

Erba Laura Smart Urine Analyzer Compact Urine Strip Reader

Model: Laura Smart
Brand: Erba
Origin: Germany

Technical Specifications:

  • Semi-quantitative reflex photometer
  • LED color detector measurement
  • Wavelengths: 470, 540, 650 nm
  • Latency: 55 s
  • Capacity: 60 strips per hour or 240 strips per hour
  • Touch screen (LCD display): 320×240 color TFT
  • Built-in thermal printer, 2sec / parameter
  • External PC / LIS contact via RS 232 or USB port
  • Possible connection to external keyboard or barcode reader
  • Memory printer
  • Languages for end-users: EN, DE, RU, PL, CZ, HU, IT, FR

PHAN® strips

  • DekaPHAN ® LAURA
  • PentaPHAN ® LAURA
  • HeptaPHAN® LAURA

Working conditions:

  • External power source 7.5V DC switch adapter 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
  • Internal power source – battery 6x 1.5V AA size
  • Power consumption: 20W max/1W standby
  • Temperature: optimum range 15-35 ° C, relative humidity 20-80 percent
  • Weight: 0.8 kg without the adapter, bat.
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Erba Laura Smart Urine Analyzer Compact Urine Strip Reader

Product Description:

LAURA ® Smart is an effective and powerful urine analysis tool for hospitals, general practitioners ‘ ambulances, family physicians or specialists. Urine assessment with LAURA Smart reader helps to eliminate any subjective interpretation of the diagnostic pad’s color reaction and thus contributes significantly to the correct diagnosis of the patient.

Four types of diagnostic strips are intended for use with the system, which varies in the number of parameters:


Diagnostic strips may be used to determine parameters such as pH, protein (ALB), glucose (GLU), ketones (KET), urobilinogen (UBG), bilirubin (BIL), blood (BLD), and specific gravity (SG), nitrites (NIT) and leucocytes (LEU). LAURA ® Smart automatically identifies the type of strip used/inserted. The compensation field (CF) helps the different colors of the urine samples to be extracted

LAURA ® Smart has two incubation possibilities:

  • within the reader range 60 strips/hour
  • outside the reader-measuring capacity up to 240 strips/hour (SmartTiming special function).



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