FCE 75-Pureo Skin Clear (Eile)

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FCE 75-Pureo Skin Clear (Eile)

Due to its blue light treatment, the FCE 75 clear skin pen is suitable for treating spots and impurities on the eyes. The clear skin pen is gentle but effective against impurities on the skin. Upon application, it takes effect within 24 hours, allowing spots to subside quickly. Also, the system has a heat feature that facilitates circulation. Do not use the device for extreme, nodular or cystic.

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FCE 75-Pureo Skin Clear (Eile)

Product Description:

  • Pure Skin Clear Pen removes facial defects, reduces impurities and increases circulation.
  • Fast, safe and effective blue light therapy for acne and blemish, no side effects
  • Heat function
  • LED display and status display
  • Battery operated a handy pocket-size pen.



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