Folee Electric Suction Unit H002

Folee Electric Suction Unit H002

Product Description

Designed with handle, so you can move it very easily. Except the electricity, you can also use foot to make negative pressure. When it works, it will make continuous negative pressure. It can be widely applied to absorb the phlegm, thick blood and thick liquids in surgical operation room and other occasions, which needs negative pressure.
Product NameElectric Suction Pump
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz
Suction pumpPiston pump
Negative pressure Adjustment Range Between0.02MPa~0.08MPa
Fuse pipeRF1 ®5×20/2.0A
Pumping rate Above0.02MPa-0.08MPa
Reservoir 2500 ML/pc2pcs in the suction unit
Shape size380 x 312 x 480 mm
Pumping rate 20L/min
Reservoir capacity2500ml, 2 pieces
Ultimate negative pressure value>0.09MPa
 Net weight15Kg
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