Surgical Room Electric Suction Machine Yx980d

৳ 95,000


Product NameSuction Machine
Max vacuum0.09 MPa (680 mmHg)
 Adjustable vacuum range0.02 MPa~0.09 MPa
 Flow rate80 L/min
Noise≤60 dB(A)
 Jar4000 mL×2
Power supply~220 V610%,50Hz
Input power 280 VA
G.W.29 kg
Dimension 49 cm ×39 cm×94 cm
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Surgical Room Electric Suction Machine Yx980d


A high vacuum, wide flow medical suction equipment, Model YX980D Electric Suction Apparatus, Which, in several seconds, can accumulate the necessary vacuum. It is particularly necessary for the situation where a request is made to quickly remove plenty of body fluid. With a reliable management system and humanized structure, it is suitable for medical institutions.

  • Advanced architecture principles and a perfect setup perform satisfactory functions.
  • Providing extremely high flow and efficient generation of vacuum – the necessary vacuum is available within seconds; source and maintenance-free of oil-less vacuum.
  • The appropriate vacuum level is monitored and displayed on the vacuum meter by the vacuum regulator.
  • The overflow safety system eliminates the entry of liquid or solid particles into the intermediate tubing; airborne contamination can be avoided by the single-use bacterial filter.
  • Two clear 4000 ml graduated unbreakable jars made of polycarbonate (PC) can be autoclavable.
  • Change-over valve offers quickly for manual collection jar selection; the rinsing-cup is used before or during operation for catheter positioning.
  • The convenient stainless handle makes it easy to travel around the case back accessory box is ready for the laying of foot-switch and power cord during movement or storage.



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