Frame Warmer Machine Vision

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Product NameFrame Warmer Machine
Country of OriginMade in India
BrandPerfect Vision Instruments
MaterialPlastic and metal
Service Duration1 year
TypeOptical Frame Warmer
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Frame Warmer Machine Vision

Application: It can be used to adjust NON-metal eyeglass frames, resin/plate, and other materials. Heating can soften the frame without causing harm, and then the eyeglass frame can be adjusted and repaired.

Adjustable from 70 to 130 degrees: (158-266) Adjust the temperature control knob to the desired temperature after turning on the heating switch.

Temperature control: This frame heater has constant temperature control to ensure that the temperature of the frame does not continuously rise during the continuous heating process, but is maintained at the set temperature, ensuring that the frame is not damaged during the long healing process.

Fast heating and low noise: Fast heating and minimal noise: the frame warmer makes use of a high-quality electric heating wire, which allows for rapid temperature rise and good work efficiency. Working noise is less than 45dB, making it appropriate for usage in optical stores. Its low noise is due to the fact that it does not employ a high-powered air outlet fan, and while the air output is not large, it heats up swiftly and quietly.

Safety cover easy operation: With a wind protection cover, the eyeglass frame may be placed on the heating port without having to hold it, which speeds up the healing process and protects the operator from being burned. The procedure is straightforward: turn on the electricity, switch on the heating, adjust the temperature knob, and then turn off the power and heating. If the material is the same, there is no need to modify the temperature the following time.



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