LKL Hospital ICU/CCU Electrical Bed (Malaysia)

LKL Hospital ICU/CCU Electrical Bed (Malaysia)

Product Specification
Place of OriginMalaysia
ModelBA 9900/9000/8989-1
Back Rest0-70 degree
Leg Rest0-35 degree
Knee Rest0-25 Degree
Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburgminus 15 to plus 15 Degree
Auto ContourBuilt in temperature control heating (38 degree -3 degree)
Cardiac Chair Position100-220 V AC 50-6- Hz
Vascular Position100 VA
Dimensions2270(L) x 1080(W) x 480-780mm(H)
Safety Load Capacity250 Kg

Technical Features

  • Scratch and chip-resistant steel construction finish of hard epoxy powder coating
  • PE Head & Foot boards with locking mechanism for easy attachment, removal and easy cleaning
  • Split PE safety side rails with one-hand operation
  • X-ray radio backrest Translucent base with X-ray cast tray
  • Perforated mattress base
  • Four high-quality 150 mm diameter German twin wheel with central locking system (free, steering and total brakes)
  • Hi-Lo, Backrest, Kneerest, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg by electric motor
  • Control panel internally and externally embedded on the side rails of the backrest
  • Nurse lock and handheld nurse control at the foot end.
  • Nurse lock to lock out control buttons totally or individually
  • Nurse handheld control with CPR button to neutralize bed position during emergency
  • Quick CPR release lever to flatten the backrest on both sides of the bed
  • Auto contour function to prevent patients from slipping in the cardiac chair position
  • 6 IV pole attachment provisions
  • 4 monkey pull provisions
  • 2 drainage bag holders
  • 4 rotating pumbers in the corner
  • IV storage of the drip pole
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