Multiwin Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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Features :

This device is used to calculate a man’s heart rate and blood pressure. Used with how to install this tool on the arm sphygmomanometer and the gadget will slowly read blood pressure, wait for the final result.

  • Backlighting for the LCD and the START/STOP buttons
  • The memory function is divided into 290 groups.
  • Calculating the average of the last three measurement values;
  • Indicator for the World Health Organization’s classification of blood pressure;
  • Indicator of an irregular heartbeat (IHB);
  • Functions for the year, month, date, and time;
  • Pressure /-3mmHg; Pulse /-5 percent; Accuracy
  • 4 AAA batteries or an AC/DC power supply are required for operation.
  • Power-off function that is activated automatically.
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Multiwin Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Product description:

Multiwin Blood Pressure Monitor Specifications:

  • Com-Fast Technology;
  • Fully automated inflation and deflation
  • 60 recollections
  • Power-off by itself,
  • Battery low detection
  • Detector of Excessive Body Motion,
  • Detection of Irregular Heartbeats

To check blood pressure, a digital monitor employs advanced technology and an automatic system. Some of them can keep your blood pressure readings in the monitor’s memory, allowing you to review your data whenever you like.
You can use a digital monitor to check your blood pressure on a regular basis. As a result, you have a greater understanding of how your readings evolve over time. This, in essence, aids in the rapid treatment of any blood pressure disorders. You can take the appropriate corrective action to ensure that everything is under control.
These monitors are small and portable, with simple operation instructions.



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