N-Cure Portable AC/DC Nebulizer

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N-Cure Portable AC/DC Nebulizer

Nebulizer cup capacity6ml
Noise level?55 dba
Weight (compressor only)1.83 kg ( 4.0 pound)
Electrical requirement120v/ 60 h2 220v/ 50h2
Warranty1(one) year


  • Portable Nebulizer Compressor.
  • Effective inhalation of medicines.
  • Both options are Mask & mouthpiece.
  • PVC Child Mask. Approx.
  • The capacity of medication-maximum 10 ml.
  • Noise level at 1 M range below 58db.
  • Aerosol output-0.045ml b (1% M / V) Na F. Power Source-1.5x 4AA Alkaline or USB 5V 1A batteries.
  • Maximum compressor pressure 2.5 3.0 bar
  • Nebulization rate 0.3 ml / min
  • Noise level 55 dba
  • 10.7x 6.6×4 dimensions (compressor only).
  • Weight (compressor only) 1.83 kg
  • Electrical requirement 120v/60 h2 220v/50h2
  • 20min & 40min off operating cycles
  • 1-year warranty

Nebulizer assembly and Accessories:
1. Tubing
2. Nebulizer cup
3. Nebulizer inserts
4. Nebulizer cap
5. An adult mask
6. Mouthpiece
7. 5 extra filters

In The Box: 1x Machine, 2x Mask, 1x Chamber

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N-Cure Portable AC/DC Nebulizer

Special Features:

Compressor Nebulizer machine uses compressed air to deliver asthma medicine as a wet aerosol-a fine mist that can be inhaled. Safe-NEB allows the medicine to go directly to the airways and lungs of a person and the medicine can be administered over a long time. Safe-NEB facilitates the inhalation of medication for people with severe breathing difficulties or trouble using an inhaler that requires careful timing and breathing control

  • Based on compressor
  • Compact and handy
  • Effective breathing therapy
  • Useful for 5 years of age
  • Can be continuously operated 20min-ON, 40min-OFF

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