Olympus CLV-S40(Xenon 300W Light Source)

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Olympus CLV-S40(Xenon 300W Light Source)

Olympus CLV-S30/S40Features

  • Great for endoscopic TV watching. Connectable to modern video scopes, fiberscopes, and VISERA. The strong and comfortable CLV-S40 makes endoscopic procedures simpler than ever before.
  • Strong & Long-Life 300-Watt Xenon Lamp — This high-quality xenon lamp offers a perfect endoscopic illumination for deep site observation or advanced techniques. It can also be used continuously for 500 hours (lamp life can differ slightly in sporadic use).
  • Automatic Brightness Control— By connecting the CLV-S40 to video systems such as the Visera system via a light guide cable; brightness can be changed automatically, saving time and energy.
  • Standby–Illumination can be switched to standby using the front panel switch or the camera head remote switch.
  • Intensity-Mode Memory-Intensity-Mode Memory will still be in that mode when the CLV-S40 is turned off in high-intensity mode. This also refers to the normal mode of frequency.
  • Easy-to-see Front Panel-Brightness and strength can be quickly changed with buttons and front panel switches.

Olympus CLV-S30/S40 Specifications

  • Dimensions: Size: 295 (W) x 125 (H) x 395.4 (D) mm (maximum)
  • Weight: 12 kg


  • Lamp: 300W (ozone-free) Xenon short-arc lamp
  • Lamp life: Approx.
  • Ignition: switching lever
  • Brightness adjustment: light-path diaphragm command
  • Cooling: forced-air cooling
  • Emergency lamp: 24V 150W halogen lamp (without a mirror)
  • Emergency lamp life: approx. 500 hours of continuous use (Lamp life can vary slightly in intermittent usage)

Front Panel

  • Emergency Lamp Indicator: indicates that an emergency lamp is working or blinks when an emergency lamp is damaged
  • Intensity-Mode Memory Indicator: indicates that Intensity-Mode Memory is selected
  • Standby Mode Indicator: indicates that standby mode is selected
  • Configuration Retention: selected settings are maintained when the origin is turned off.
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