OMB Infrared lamp

৳ 2,500

OMB infrared lamp


Country of originTaiwan
Warranty3 Year

Infrared lamps are electrical devices that emit radiation from the infrared. Infrared lamps are commonly used in industrial processes and construction heating for radiant heating. Infrared LEDs are used in remote control devices for communication over optical fibers.

The effects of infrared rays are listed below.

  • Relief for pain.
  • It improves the supply of blood.
  • It helps muscle relaxation.
  • For this reason, it is beneficial in cases of muscle spasm.
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OMB Infrared lamp

“If you ever visit a physiotherapy center, you might have seen a physiotherapist applying red light to the patient using a lamp. This instrument emitting red light is known as an infrared lamp. It is used to treat many types of body ache. “Infra-red ray effects.



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