Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag G-24, Tynor

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Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag G-24, Tynor

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Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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A Pelvic Traction Harness, Spreader Bar, Traction Pulley Bracket, Traction Cord and Weight Bag are part of the pelvic traction pack.


  • Fast home/hospital kit to use
  • Adaptable to the bulk of beds
  • Traction that is regulated and standardized
  • Accurate emphasis on the power of traction
  • Developed to be used easily in homes or hospitals. For long life and multiple use, durable and robust.
  • The wide belt hook loop area allows tailored compression and sizing functionality. The vector of the traction force on the LS vertebras is ensured by oblique traction straps.
  • Can be used as stance for sleeping. The Pulley is built ergonomically to accommodate either side of the bed. The soft padded head halter offers a convenient, easy to wear and use interface for traction.
  • The package contains a complete solution, the Traction Pulley Bracket. Cervical Traction Head Halter, Spreader Bar for Cervical Traction, Traction Cord 10 ft., Weight Bag for Traction.
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