Resvent iBreeze Series BiPAP ST30A

৳ 90,000


auto S,
Auto S/T,
Weight1.35 kg
CPAP pressure range4-20 cmH2O
IPAP pressure range4-25 cmH20/30 cmH20
CPAP pressure range4-20 cmH2O
IPAP pressure range4-25 cmH20/30 cmH20
EPAP pressure range4-30 cmH20
AVAPS(only for 30ST, 30STA, Tech)
Static pressure accuracy0.5 cmH20
Dynamic pressure accuracy1 cmH20
PS (Pressure support)0-10 cmH20 (only for 25A,
Respiratory rate25STA
(Backup frequency)
Rise Time0-50 bpm
Inspiratory trigger sensitivityMin 150-900 ms
Expiratory trigger sensitivityAuto, 1-5
CSS (Cluster scheme setting)Auto, 1-5


  • Unique 5 inch touch technology supported with knob navigation eliminated all barriers between seeing and using
  • with the help of timely waveform display function, more respiratory specifics of a patient can be presented to the clinicians
  • Advanced ventilation algorithm in synchronization gives a patient a real brilliant experience of free breath

Value Added Function

  • Auto screen luminance adjustable
  • Energy saving mode
  • Time & alarm clock
  • Unit Setting
  • Multi-language setting
  • Patient report on the main screen
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iBreeze Series BPAP ST30A, RESVENT

The iBreeze Smart Humidifier series is intended with water tank plug and seal. The system will monitor the water level continually and prevent heating & offer a visible warning while the water level is small in order to avoid the pain of the patient caused by dry air and provide maximum security.


Water condensation in the breathing circuit will influence the therapy during breathing treatment and even threaten the patients ‘ security. Resvent distinctive smart humidifier can appeal to the ambient temperature & moisture to fix the problem and keep the humidifier within a certain level so that condensation does not occur in the respiratory tube or mask.



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