Roller 3D Mini Massager -Silver

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Roller 3D Mini Massager -Silver


3D Roller design suitable for the entire skin of the body
A design proof of water
360 degrees rotate design with new kneading technology
PT double roller: with PT skin sensitivity plating, sensitivity skin is retained
The curved handle: it is possible to adjust the better design according to different massage sites
Fashion design: with technology from MICRO CURRENT
Smoother rolling
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Roller 3D Mini Massager -Silver


  • Platinum Roller Massager, 360 Degrees Massager, 3D Massager, 4D Massager
  • Body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back massager
  • Prevent aging, immunity enhancement, skin tightening
  • By taking light from the solar panel, ReFa generates the “microcurrent” very close to the current that flows from the first into the skin of people
  • 3D (4D) roller design adapts the whole skin of the body.


Made in China

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