Relax & Spin Tone Body Massager

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Relax & Spin Tone Body Massager


  • Light, handy, convenient
  • Super-efficient and handheld
  • 360-degree off-centered axis design oscillates more than 2500 times per minute
  • 5-head relaxation.
  • Unique rapid rotation and strong massage remove pain and anxiety.
  • Relieves stress, restores vitality and vigor.
  • Pack it wherever you want your muscles to relax
  • Designed and intended to fit the curves of the body.


  • Shoulder: Toning your underarms
  • Abs: slim and sculpt your abs
  • hips: shape and tone your hips and buns
  • Underarms: relieve tension and pressure on your shoulders and back
  • Calves: relax tired and painful muscles
  • Thighs: slim your legs and alleviate muscle tension
  • Feet: remove calluses and dry skin

In The Box: Relax & Spin Tone Body Massager–Purple

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Relax & Spin Tone Body Massager


The relaxing, slimming, and toning body massager has an elegant and lightweight design with an action of rotational massage. Slimming, toning, and relaxing body massager Relax & Tone is a very powerful and silent body massager. This body massager can effectively relieve weight loss/fitness routines while helping you to massage areas of the body that you are targeting. This device can be used in areas such as the waistline, neck, shoulder, arms, hips, thighs, and calf.


Made in China

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