RPW Shock Wave Therapy ESWT-A

৳ 275,000


Product NameShock Wave Therapy
TechnologyFocus Shockwave
Operating modeCW and Pulse mode
Power Energy5-200mJ(equivalent to 1-5 bar)
for treatment parts
Exceeds 25 preset treatment suggestion
Power supply120V/220V,50/60Hz
Weight4.2kg (device only)


The architecture of human engineering creates an atmosphere and functions conveniently;

  • Intuitive and transparent 5-inch color crystal, Chinese and English touch screen design;
  • Import power source, to guarantee the effect of instant shock output
  • Surge pressure and frequency selection, compliant with the demand for treatment;
  • The built-in accessory storage box is the ultra-silence air compressor;
  • Single or dual production is optional and gives ma different expert probe;
  • There are 5 preset reference solutions that are adjustable to Adopt a style that is compact.
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A shockwave is defined as a wave with a rapid increase of pressure within a very short time and then having a gradual decrease of pressure with a small negative pressure phase. Shockwave is aimed at the affected areas that are the source of chronic pain. The influence of the shockwaves causes to the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain.


  • High quality, fast pain relief.
  • Noninvasive, no anesthetic, simple and convenient
  • Just 20 minutes per nursing, 5-10 per session nursing.
  • Widely applicable to treatments of various soft tissues


  1. Elbow of tennis Painful tendon connection inflammation in the lateral elbow
  2. With or without calcification, shoulder pain Painful restriction of movement of the shoulder
  3.  Elbow of the Golfer Painful inflammation of the connection of the tendons to the medial elbow
  4. Trochanteric Bursitis Painful hip periostitis
  5. Syndrome with Patella tip Tibial edge inflammation as a result of prolonged pressure
  6. Syndrome of the tibial edge inflammation as a result of prolonged pressure
  7. Akhillodynia Painful Achilles tendon irritation
  8. And a sore heel Painful, mainly chronic heel inflammation
  9. Inflammation of the binding of a tendon Due to overexertion or improper pressure, or due to degenerative processes, painful inflammation of tendon attachments
  10. Points for Acupuncture Via acupuncture care, pain therapy points to
  11. Painful points for the cause Acute and persistent pain due to chronically shortened and thickened muscles in the back, leg, neck, etc.


Physical effects of Radial Pressure Waves offer a noninvasive treatment solution for long term insertion and soft tissue pathologies. Local treatment of the affected area will enhance and reset the healing pattern. Today there are several working hypotheses for the physical effects of radial pressure waves:

  • Shockwaves create increased cell membrane permeability metabolically which allows old, damaged, and weakened cells to be removed and replaced with healthy viable cells.
  • And neurologically, Shockwaves produce a counter-irritation at the dorsal root ganglion actually modulating the amount of nociceptive activity and decreasing the pain signal, and actually closing the theoretical pain gate.
  • Vascular changes such as increased blood circulation in tissues increase the oxygen content and significantly reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide in the tissue which may stimulate the healing process.
  • Based on the hypothesis towards associative pain memory (Wess), afferent pain signals are transmitted through the central nervous system by multiple synaptic junctions which eventually cause efferent fibers to control muscle tone. The reflex mechanism

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