Soundless Dental compressor

৳ 15,295

Soundless Dental compressors


Tank capacity 38 Litter
100% copper wair motor
Heavy cylinder
4 side safety system
Low power consumption
Low noise
Full auto on-off system

Warranty of years: 2(Two)

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Soundless Dental compressors

A dental air compressor is a compressor that has been specially designed for dental or medical use. These dental air compressors are the most important tools used in dental practice. This ensures that as we understand the focus on your patients, your practice receives the best possible compressed air.

Medical air is used in a variety of applications for patients. Medical air is also used as a substitute for nitrous oxide during anesthesia to reduce the high oxygen exposure concentration. While a bank of compressed air cylinders may be the source of medical air, most hospitals use a compressor system.

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