Sturdy Autoclave HP Series

Sturdy Autoclave HP Series


  • Touch screen
  • Split pre-vacuum air removal
  • User login / password security
  • Jacket warm-up feature
  • Bowie Dick, Leakage, Helix check diagnostics
  • Overheat safety
  • Pressure auto door lock
  • Emergency button
  • External steam generator
  • Customization system
  • Electronic printing and USB port
  • Cylindrical chamber size: 100, 143, 196, 350 (L)
  • Square chamber size: 110, 260, 454, 680, 680,848 (L)
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Sturdy Autoclave HP Series


HP Series is capable of tubal or hollow instrument sterilization based on wrapping, solid, liquid and vacuum. The control panel contains a sterilization data recording printer and a USB flash drive port. HP Series uses a simple touch screen to handle virtually every setup and configuration for sterilization.



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