Table Tennis Giant Dragon K2005b Heavy Duty

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Table Tennis Giant Dragon K2005b Heavy Duty

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  • Frame profile 30mm_60mm with black color
  • Compact undercarriage with sequare-tubular-profile 50mm*50mm
  • Professional table tennis GIANT DRAGON K2005.Designed for use in clubs, sports school, ShVSM, etc.Meets all criteria for the highest level of competition.
  • The table top is made of MDF 25 mm thick, with anti-reflective, impact resistant coating.Due to the greater density of the material, the ball rebound from a 25-mm MDF table top surpasses the rebound from a 25-mm tabletop made of chipboard.The table is equipped with a metal edging 60 x 30 mm, which gives the tabletop maximum rigidity, further improving the rebound of the ball.
  • The 12-support structure of the GIANT DRAGON K2005 tennis table provides incredible stability.Reliable sturdy frame made of steel profile 50 x 50 mm, with adjustable leg height.The table is equipped with 8 rubber coated shunting wheels with a diameter of 125 mm, 4 of them with brakes.
  • Independent separate folding system – each half of the table is folded and moved separately from the other.The design of the table is provided for a single game.Dimensions of the table in unfolded form: 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm, which corresponds to the international standard ITTF – International Table Tennis Federation.Net weight 121 kg.

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