TEXMED Dreamy Auto CPAP DS-6

TEXMED Dreamy Auto CPAP DS-6


Product Specification
Place of OriginChina
ModelDreamy DS-6
Sound28 dba
Tube1.8 meter
Pressure Range4-20CMH2O
Modeauto CPAP, CPAP
Masknasal mask
Screen2.8 inch
Weight4.5 Kg
Auto ONYes
Auto OFFYes
Inspiration TriggleN/A
Expiration LevelN/A
Inspiration SensitivityN/A
Expiration Pressure Relief(EPR)Yes
Leak CompensationYes
Awake DetectionYes
Breath Event DetectionYes
Auto Pressure TitrationYes
Water Capacity220 ml
Humidifier Level0-5 level
Humidifier Integrated Heated

Warranty: 1 Year

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TEXMED Dreamy Auto CPAP DS-6


  • VentMed Auto CPAP sleep apnea machine — Auto Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) with EPR is a brand new smart CPAP.
  • Adopts advanced sensor technology to track the respiratory condition of patients automatically.
  • VentMed is an Auto CPAP factory certified ISO13485 in China.
  • All machines are manufactured on a CE standard basis.
  • The therapy pressure is automatically adjusted to treat obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), central sleep apnea(CSA), SAS, hypopnea, restrictions on air flow and snoring.
  • The product sound of the TEXMED APAP machine(Auto CPAP) series is below 28dba! Make patients in a quiet environment of sleep!
  • Precise heated control to make you feel comfortable! The smart control system provides reliable therapy for patients! Professional/precision and innovative tracking technology ensure therapy is accurate and comfortable.



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