UM-102B Mercury Free Sphygmomanometers A&D

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Features :

A&D introduced the world’s first hybrid traditional style sphygmomanometer in 2005. The UM-102 is the device’s second generation model, and it comes in two versions:

Variant A is a flat folding version that is suitable for domiciliary visits because it is easy to travel and store.

Variant B — a stand-mounted upright version that is also suited for use on desktops due to its small footprint.

  • Lightweight body with full ABS housing
  • Professional cuff with five cuff sizes ranging from 12cm to 50cm
  • Display column that can be adjusted to make result analysis easier
  • Battery replacement is simple.
  • To reduce reflected light, use an anti-glare display.
  • Clinically Validated by ESH
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UM-102B Mercury Free Sphygmomanometers A&D

Product description:

As a major maker of digital blood pressure monitors, A&D is committed to environmental protection, having created the world’s first non-mercury conventional style sphygmomanometer. The ‘Minamata Convention on Mercury’ details the global campaign to eliminate mercury usage, and A&D is happy to be a part of this government and industry-led drive.

Its predecessor, the ground-breaking UM-101, has been employed in a number of clinical trials this year, one of the most recent being a study looking for “a appropriate replacement for mercury sphygmomanometry to correctly monitor blood pressure (BP) in normal and hypertensive pregnancy.”

In pregnancy, the UM-101 “auscultatory hybrid sphygmomanometer” was found to be more accurate than the automated oscillometric device, particularly in hypertensive pregnancies. In pregnancy, it’s a good substitute for mercury sphygmomanometry.



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