Vaporizer For Massive Flow Anesthesia

৳ 85,000

Vaporizer For Massive Flow Anesthesia

Model: CWIIA

High precision Sevoflurane/Isoflurane/Halothane/Enflurane vaporizer (selected, pour-fill,detachable,compatible with Interlock.) 25-250 ml capacity.0.2-15 L/min operation flow range. 0.2%-6% for Iso/Halo/En vapor, 0.2%-8% for Sevo vapor setting range. Copper alloy, for better performance on anti-corrosion for anesthesia gas, thermal conductivity, electrochemistry, and specific heat capacity. Free of calibration in a lifetime, being already calibrated by the corresponding anesthetic drug before leaving the factory.


  • New vaporizer for massive flow anesthesia (15L / Min)
  • Automatic temperature, pressure, and flow adjustment mechanism
  • Apply Interlock Selected
  • Pour type: Isoflurane, Enflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane
  • Stable delivery agent, automatic temperature compensation, a reliable delivery agent
  • Sophisticated delivery system
  •  Different types of mounting, Meet various

Warranty : 3 Year

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Vaporizer For Massive Flow Anesthesia


  • Perfect compensation for Temperature, flow, and pressure
  • High precise vaporizer
  • CE certificate


Nanjing Chenwei

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