Wellex AS-35K Automatic Digital BP Monitor

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Wellex AS-35K Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Wellex AS-35K Automatic digital BP Monitor is an excellent bp monitoring machine which helps in checking blood pressure for each individual at home. This blood pressure machine is imported and marketed in UK by SGS United Kingdom Ltd.

  • One-touch Operation
  • Digital Screen
  • Large 3-row digital display for easy reading
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Storage Pouch
  • Expands to fit regular and Large arms comfortably and easily
  • 120 Reading Memory
  • Battery or Current Adapter use us
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Wellex AS-35K Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Product Description

The Wellex AS-35 K Automated Digital BP Monitor is an outstanding bp monitoring system that helps to check blood pressure for each person at home. SGS United Kingdom Ltd., which is a renowned manufacturer of healthcare instruments and diagnostic tests, is importing and selling this blood pressure system in the UK. The Basic Wellex AS-35 K Digital BP Monitor has a large LCD display that also allows for excellent viewing of test results for elderly individuals at home. It has a manufacturer warranty for Three Years and 80 Digital BP Display Search Result memory. It stretches securely and easily to match normal and broad arms.

  • Service One Touch
  • Wide 3-row digital monitor Digital Screen for quick reading
  • Automated Power Off
  • Storage Pouch Extends to securely and easily match normal and broad weapons
  • 80 Memory Reading



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