Wellmed Air Mattress With Pump

৳ 2,800


Product Description

Wellmed Alternating Bubble Mattress With Pump

Therapeutic Pad Features:

* 130 Bubble Pad Design

* Provides Superior Treatment

* Durable, Medical Grade PVC

* Advanced Comfort Therapy

* Rosh / CA-117 / En-71 Certificate

Alternating Pump Features:

* Compact Design

* Reliable, Durable Pump

* Quiet, Low Vibration Compressor

* Easily Attaches to Bed Frame

* Adjustable Pressure Setting Alternating Pad Specifications:

* Max. User Weight: 135kg

* Mattress Dimensions: 200x90x7cm

* Flaps Length: 50 + 50 cm

* Material: Odourless Medical-Grade PVC

Air Pump Specifications:

* Cycle Time: 6Mins

* Air output: 6-7 L/Min

* Pressure Range: 40-100 mmHg

* Warranty: 1 Year Air Pump

*Electrical Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz, 0.1A

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