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Rapid Test Strip & Device for diffrent types of test, Quality product for best service

Active Rapid Test Price List
Rapid Quick Test Strip/Device
SLProduct DescriptionPack SizeUnit Price
Per Box
1Pregnency (hCG) Test Strip Urine1*50 Test3.2160
2Pregnency (hCG) Test Device Urine1*40 Test12.5500
3HBsAG Test Strip1*50 Test7350
4HBsAG Test Device1*40 Test12480
5HBeAG Test Device1*40 Test421680
6Syphilis (TPHA) Test Strip1*50 Test10500
7Syphilis (TPHA) Test Device1*40 Test19760
8HBC Test Device1*40 Test20800
9HIV 1/2 Test Device1*40 Test21840
10Malaria PF/PV Test Device1*40 Test401600
11H.Pyloria Test Device1*40 Test401600
12Troponin I Test Device1*40 Test753000
13Tuberculosis (TB) Test Device1*40 Test602400
14Lesishmania (Kalazor) Test Device1*40 Test783120
15Dengue Test Device (IgG IgM)1*40 Test903600
16Dengue Test Device NSI Antigen1*40 Test1405600
17Typhoid Test Device1*40 Test602400
18Toxo IgG/IgM Test Device1*40 Test1004000
19Fileria IgG/IgM Test Device1*40 Test873480
20FOB Test Device1*50 Test452250
21PSA Test Device1*40 Test702800
22AFP Test Device1*40 Test803200
23GEA Test Device1*40 Test903600
24Chikungunia1*40 Test1606400
25IgE Test Device1*10 Test80800
26HAV igG/IgM1*25 Test1002500
27HEV igG/IgM1*25 Test1002500
28Amphetamine (AMP) Test Device1*40 Test552200
29Methamphetamine (MET) Test Device1*40 Test552200
30Benzodiazepines (BZO) Test Device1*40 Test552200
31Opiates (OPI) Test Device1*40 Test552200
32Marijuana (THC) test Device1*40 Test552200
33Phencyclidine (PCP) Test Device1*40 Test552200
34Morphine (MOP) Test Device1*40 Test552200
35COCAINE (COC) Test Device1*40 Test552200
36Barbiturate (BAR) Device1*40 Test552200
37Rotavirus Test Device1*25 Test1403500
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Active Rapid Test Strip & Device

Hangzhou AllTest Biotech CO., LTD

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AllTest has a well-established system of quality that meets the requirements of ISO 13485.US FDA and cGMP international quality standards. AllTest products are CE certified in accordance with the essential requirements and procedures of Directive 98/79/EC of the European Council on medical devices.

Quality, as we all know, is just a way to win customer confidence and preference. We are committed to providing our customers with sound quality products and services that meet their needs.

Quality is the commitment of everyone. Our management takes the lead in setting goals and by practicing and living what they preach demonstrates their commitment to quality. All AllTEST functions are fully responsible for observing compulsory principles, standards, and instructions to maintain and constantly improve agreed quality standards. Our qualified staff is the guardians of quality at all levels. They promote quality awareness, assess performance and challenge the organization to sustain and improve quality standards.

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