AERTI AM-1 Oxygen Concentrator 1-5 Liter/Min

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AERTI AM-1 Oxygen Concentrator 1-5 Liter/Min


Product NameOxygen concentrator
Flow Rate1-5L / Min Adjustable
Concentration30% -93%
Power SupplierAC, DC
Sound Level38dB
Outlet Pressure40dB
size352 * 196 * 325MM
ColorDarkgray, Golden, Violet
Standard FunctionsHEPA Filter; Anion Oxygen; Power Failure Alarm; Over-Heat Alarm
Optional FunctionsLow Purity Alarm
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AERTI AM-1 Oxygen Concentrator 1-5 Liter/Min

Product Description

AERTI 5L Portable oxygen concentrater adopts PSA gas separation technology that uses air as a material that continually produces pure and clean concentrated oxygen or 93%. We have three patents for this model AM-1, Design Patent, Integrative Rotary Valve Adsorption Tank and Rotary Valve Testing Device, in China. It’s available in hospital, school, clinics, school nursing, car, etc.

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry
  • Perfect structure and sleek design
  • 3 shades to choose from: dark brown, yellow, purple
  • Avionics PSA System Management
  • Effective energy and low 90W capacity
  • The Smart Test Device
  • CECA molecular sieve imported into France
  • HEPA filters and filters keep away most impurities, bacteria, and PM2.5
  • 5000 hours co-operation with 93 per cent stable and high oxygen purity
  • The concentrator of oxygen anion strengthens the immunity.



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