Alpinion Ultrasound E-Cube 15 Platinum

Alpinion Ultrasound E-Cube 15 Platinum

The E-CUBE 15 EX continuously provides velocity, throughput, and precision for those who require the greatest quality diagnosis for their patients in the most challenging of situations. ALPINION proprietary imaging techniques, designed transducer set, and intuitive application software are seamlessly integrated into the E-CUBE 15 EX. The unique FleXcanTM architecture of ALPINION, the software-based imaging platform, ensures uniform image quality and performance, and is easy to upgrade to the latest system level.

Physical Specifications 

  •  Width: 580 mm
  • Depth: 895 mm
  • Height: 1,205-1,750 mm
  •  Weight: 105 kg (system only)
  • 10.4 “high definition LED backlit LCD
  • Resolution: 1,024 X 768
  • 16.2 M color display
  • Light and contrast adjustable (OSD)
  • Main processor: Intel Core i7-4700EQ 3.2 GHz
  • Main memory: 4 GB
  • SSD: 512 GB
  • 21.5″ flat panel monitor and articulated arm
  • Front and back handle
  • 4 active probe connectors
  • 1 pencil probe port
  • 4 rotating wheels
  • Integrated SSD
  • Installed DVD-R drive
  • ECG (optional)
  • Thermal printer storage
  • Installed stereo speaker
  • Installed cable management
  • Anti-dust probe connector door
  • System boot up: in 53 sec
  • 100-120 V, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: Max. 900 VA
  • High-density transducer connector
  • Digital beam forming Triple multi-beam
  • FleXcanTM
  • SensitiViewTM
  • Crystal SignatureTM
  • MicroFitTM
  • Optimal Imaging SuiteTM
  • Raw data processing
  • Needle enhancement
  • Multi-layer transducer
  • Windows7 Embedded
  • 21.5 “high-definition LED-backlit LCD
  • Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9 wide)
  • 16.2 M color display
  • Contrast: 1:1,000
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology
  • Bright and contrast adjustment

Transducer Type

  • Convex
  • Micro-Convex
  • Endo Cavity
  • Linear
  • Phased
  • Volume
  • Electric motorized control panel adjustment- up/down: 170mm
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Alpinion Ultrasound E-Cube 15 Platinum

Excellent image quality assists you in making confident clinical choices. The superb quality of the image

  • Crystal SignatureTM —
    Maximization of penetration to allow high-resolution imaging procedures
  • Improved basic 2D picture output —
    New equipment to enhance 2D picture resolution, contrast and uniformity — Combined image optimizing the algorithm, Optimal Imaging SuiteTM Plus offers outstanding information, clearer boundary definition, and broader tissue grayscale.
  • Improved Doppler performance —
    Two individual H / W architecture pulse monitor each 2D mode and Doppler signal independently — Improved Doppler picture quality
  •  Write Zoom —
    Improved resolution and picture pattern recognition of write zoom picture with improved S / W Beamforming performance — Improved visualization of tiny information such as fetal bodies.
  • Advanced XpeedTM —
    A single touch of XpeedTM rapidly delivers optimized clinical pictures with smallest noise levels — Dynamic range levels can be identified and predicted in actual time to be automatically optimized with XpeedTM
  •  Wide angle endovaginal transducers:
    EV3-10X / EC3-10X — Wide max.230 degree FOV and high-resolution pictures to improve diagnostic precision and velocity.
  • High-frequency linear hockey stick transducer:
    IO8-17 — Linear hockey stick type transducer with low footprint and high frequency is designed for the diagnosis of small areas such as fingers and toes
  • 5 inch complete HD LED monitor —
    High-resolution monitor of 1.920×1.080 pixels offering clear clinical pictures — Wider viewing angle featured by IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology to avoid switching.

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