Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine Apogee 3500 Elite

Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine Apogee 3500 Elite


Product NameUltrasound Machine
Type2D, 3D, 4D, Doppler
ApplicationHospital, Diagnostic Centre
Display ModeB, B B, B M, M, 4B
Scanning ModeConvex, Linear, Micro Convex, HIGH-FREQUENCY LINEAR PRO
Scan format4D volume, Linear, Convex, Phased array, Micro-convex, Trans-vaginal, Trans-rectal, Bi-plane
Monitor18.5″ LCD / 8.4″ touch screen
ProbesIndependent probe and cable management / Four active probe connectors
Advanced cardiac functionsTDI, AMM
Intuitive workflowAuto EF, Auto-fit, Auto IMT measurement, Smarchive
ModesB-mode, M-mode, Color?/?CPA?/?DPA?/?TDI-mode, ­PWD-mode, CW-mode, 3D?&4D-mode, Elastography-mode

Note: Two probes with the machine.

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Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine Apogee 3500 Elite

Product Description:

Apogee 3500 Elite Elite inherits the proven image quality of SIUI as a color Doppler ultrasound system and is committed to being a universal genius to support all your needs. With its fashion and compact design, it features versatile application solutions and user-friendly workflow to ensure a more confident and convenient professional diagnosis.

MFI: By increasing signal distortion and removing unwanted noise, MFI provides high contrast and improved visibility of premium images with outstanding resolution.

XBeam: The system enables the echo of objects and increases the resolution of space.

Nanoview: Nanoview is able to present tiny lesions in soft images with distinct tissues and enhanced edge by reducing noise and artifacts.

VS-Flow: Based on MircoFlow VS-Flow significantly enhances blood flow sensitivity and resolution, helping doctors maximize the value of the clinical application.

Auto-Fit: The system can reduce noise and artifacts that purify tissue shading and edging improve contrast resolution and assist in early tissue/structure lesion identification.

Ergonomic design: 18.5 ” rotating 8.4 ” tactile screen swivel control panel with four separate transducer connections and cable command.



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