Anesthesia Machine Anaeston 5000

Anesthesia Machine Anaeston 5000


Product NameAnesthesia Machine
ModelAnaeston 5000L
Dimension810x860x1360 mm (WxDxH )
Weight110 kg
Anesthetic typeHalothane, Enflurane , Isoflurane , Sevoflurane , Desflurane
Gas supplyO2 N2O, or O2 N2O Air
Input pressure280~650 kpa (350~400kpa is recommended)
Standard vent. modeVCV, PCV, PLV, PSV, SIMV VCV PS, SIMV PCV PS
Display screen12.1″ color
Value display (Set and measured)Tidal volume, minute volume, respiratory rate, I:E ratio, pressure limit
Airway pressure (Ppeak , Pmean , Pmax , Pplateau , PEEP)
FiO2%, Compliance (ml/cmH2O)
Pressure support level, Inspiratory Window, P-trigger, Inspiratory End
EtCO2 and InCO2 (optional)
CSI, BS%, SQI%, EMG% (Optional)
Graphic displayP-T, F-T, V-T waveforms
P-V, P-F, F-V loops (for compliance, resistance, leakage analysis)
EtCO2 waveforms (when optional EtCO2 module is present)
CSI, BS%, SQI, EMG waveforms (when optional CSM is present)
Optional expansionAuxiliary Common Gas Outlet(ACGO)
Auxiliary O2 Gas Outlet
Suction System
Anesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS)
EtCO2 (mainstream/sidestream ) module
CSM module (anesthetic depth and trend)
Anesthetic information management system
External patient monitor
Other equipment
Dimension114x60x31 mm
Weight130g with battery
Display size32×17 mm
ClassificationInternal power supply/ Class II, Type BF, continuous use
MemoryData recording 18 hours
Digital outputWireless to RS232 link (ISM 2.4 GHz)
Wireless rangeUp to 10 meters
Work conditionTemperature 10–40°C/50–104°F
Rel. humidity 30–75%
Air pressure 700–1060 hPa
Battery9V Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH (6AM6/IEC:6LR61/ ANSI:1604A)
Supply current25mA (typical)
Battery lifetime Alkaline32h (stand-alone) 18h (transmitting wireless)
Battery lifetime Rechargeable12h (stand-alone) 8h (transmitting wireless)
Alarmswith user-selectable CSI high/low limit
Artifact rejectionAutomatic
Sensor impedance range0-10kOhm / measurement current 0.01μA
EEG sensitivity±400μV
Noise< 2μVp-p, < 0.4μV RMS, 1–250 Hz
Input impedance>50MOhm
Sample rate2000 samples/sec. (14 bits equivalent)
CSI and update0-100. Filter 6-42 Hz, 1 sec. update
EMG0-100 logarithmic. Filter 75-85 Hz, 1 sec. update
BS%0-100%. Filter 2-42 Hz, 1 sec. update
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Anesthesia Machine Anaeston 5000


All major ventilation modes, such as assistance, power, and assist-control ventilation, have been incorporated into the Anaeston 5000 anesthesia machine. It provides detailed control and has a simple display interface to help produce and handle high-quality anesthesia.

  • A high-precision output as low as 20ml is given by the Anaeston 5000 anesthesia system.
  • It has automatic compensation for tidal volume and compliance.
  • Spontaneous and manual respiratory MV control functions are provided by the anesthesia unit.
  • It has PEEP electronic features.
  • Autoclavable and latex-free materials are used in the anesthesia delivery workstation.
  • The tool-free maintenance and cleaning of this equipment will help users.
  • The anesthesia system is CE-compliant, so consumers should feel comfortable when buying it.

And what’s CSM?
The new compact handheld electroencephalogram (EEG) display for anesthesia depth and pattern assessment is CSM. It can be used along with the patient monitor, distribution device of anesthesia, ceiling supply unit, etc. Stand-alone activities are also available.


  • An EEG waveform multi-parameter is shown.
  • For case documentation, CSM Connection software.
  • All screens show a Cerebral State Index (CSI) of 0-100.
  • Rechargeable operation of the battery is available.

You will get the following benefits from the cerebral state monitor.

  • Consciousness quantitative test
  • Determining the ideal surgical situation
  • Shorter time for recovery
  • Less use of medications
  • Lower cost of surgery


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