Beurer Mini TENS Therapy Machine EM-10

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EM10 Woman TENS Mini Pad, Beurer, Germany

Quick details:

Country of origingermany
Included ContentsMini Pad
Adjustable15 levels of adjustable intensity
Warranty3 years


  • Beurer EM10 Woman TENS Mini Pad
  • Abdominal pain relief electro-stimulation
  • Soft, flexible, comfortable and safe
  • Intensity adjustable (15 levels)
  • Included self-adhesive gel film
  • Brilliant for menstrual cramp relief
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Beurer EM10 Woman TENS Mini Pad


  • The Beurer EM10 Woman TENS Mini Pad is self-adhesive, massaging or relieving the abdominal area of general pain.
  • The Beurer EM10 Woman TENS Mini Pad is made of high-quality silicone and is specially designed for abdominal pain relief.
  • It is brilliant to relieve menstrual cramps or pain from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it can be used anywhere else in the body where immediate, targeted pain relief is required.
  • Medication to relieve pain is often not very effective and can make you drowsy.
  • TENS electrostimulation is increasingly used as pain relief, especially for long-term, persistent pain when taking medication so regularly is unrealistic.
  • However, TENS machines are very convenient because when on-the-go they are not easy to use, so these Beurer EM10 Mini Pads are a handy alternative.
  • They are small enough to carry in your handbag and discreet enough without being seen to be worn under clothes.
  • This beautiful pink device is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear and offers 15 levels of adjustable intensity so you can customize your pain treatment.
  • After 20 minutes, the pad turns off automatically, after which time pain will be reduced significantly.
  • It can then be left in place for later use, or removed and re-attached.
  • The battery supplied with the replaceable 3V CR2032 can last up to 20x per 20-minute session.



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