Co-healthy Premium Medical Infrared Digital Thermometer GW-100

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Co-healthy Premium Medical Infrared Digital Thermometer GW-100


Product NameInfrared Digital Thermometer
TypeInfrared Thermometer
Temperature Range20C to 55C, RH: <= 93%
Battery Life6 months
Accuracy /-0.2C
Response Time1 Second
Flexible TipWarranty claimable at India
Memory Function32 sets
Usage / ApplicationOral Rectal & Underarm
Measurement Range32C to 42.9C
Ambient Temperature16C to 35C
Relative Humidity<= 85%
ROHS CertifiedYES
CE CertifiedYES
Object ModeYES
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Co-healthy Premium Medical Infrared Digital Thermometer GW-100

Product Description

In order to take the temperatures of various surfaces at distance of two inches without any interference from the environment. The co-healthy infrared thermometer. This system can be used to easily and reliably calculate the temperature of the human body, space and air. With only one second pressing the button, our system will obtain immediate and accurate temperature measurements. When not in use, it shuts down automatically. Discover specific outcomes at home for hospital grade. In contrast with a rectal thermometer, the thermometer has been clinically checked and approved for accuracy and best. The thermometer stores in its memory data from the past 32 uses. Results can be reversed as well between Celsius and Fahrenheit as per your choice. The device catches subtle changes in temperature and allows you to take quick actions accordingly. Its LCD screen with backlight displays colour coded results –green light indicates normal body temperature and a red light indicates high temperature. The slide switch can be moved to choose between Object Mode and Person Mode. Object Mode is for measuring the temperature of the baby bath water and other objects like baby bottles, etc. while Person Mode helps you to measure the temperature of your body. 



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