Infrared Digital Thermometer DT-8826

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Infrared Digital Thermometer DT-8826


Product NameInfrared Thermometer
power supplyDC3V
Automatic ShutdownAutomatic Shutdown without any operation within 10 Seconds
Accuracywithin (35~42)Degree C,0.2 Degree C/0.4 Degree F
Measurement Range32 Degree C~42.9 Degree C
Measurement Display Resolution 0.1Degree C/0.1 Degree F
Production Size143mmx70mmx38mm
Operating Environment 15 Degree C~45 Degree C
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Infrared Digital Thermometer DT-8826

Product Description

The most hygienic and simple way to check the temperature of someone that easily detects whether they have any trace of fever is a non-contact digital infrared thermometer. This easy to use infrared thermometer is ideal for use in classrooms, workplaces, construction sites, hotels,

or any establishment where we come in contact with each other during the current COVID-19 pandemic to evaluate employees and customers as they reach your place of business.

  • Quick measurement of temperature: Measurement time of around 1 second
  • Simple to use: calculation of one button, quick to run.
  • Non-contact: Measuring the human body’s forehead, not touching human skin.
  • Service life: fitted with two 7th battery parts (not included), can be used more than 100,000 times, product life > 3 million times,
  • Measuring distance: within 3~10CM it can be adapted, no need to repair the measuring distance.
  • Large screen monitor: large-screen LCD display, white backlight, it is possible to see some light clearly.
  • Temperature Warning: Free to adjust the temperature of the warning
  • Storage data: Store 32 measurement data, easy to evaluate the comparison of references
  • Changes in the configuration: You can adjust the configuration parameters to suit the various races (white, black, yellow, etc.)
  • Unit conversion: Use Celsius degrees, conversion to Fahrenheit
  • Measuring range: Calculation of body temperature from 32 degrees to 42.9 degrees Celsius
  • Precision of measurement: variance of /- 0.2 degrees Celsius

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